River City Medical Group (RCMG) is a “progressive Independent Physician Association (IPA) uniquely dedicated to serving the Medi-Cal population” and they contract with over 1,600 network physicians who serve approximately 600 provider and clinic locations throughout the greater Sacramento area.

“We are owned and operated by practicing physicians and our Board of Directors is made up of practicing doctors,” Janice Milligan, Vice President of Community Relations & Program Development at River City Medical Group, said.

According to Amanda Gray, Marketing & Communications at River City Medical Group, “we have dedicated and experienced associates who handle claims, conduct training, and provide resource development for provider offices. The goal is to help our doctors focus on providing health care.”

As the only exclusively Medi-Cal medical group in the area, RCMG serves over 180,000 Medi-Cal members through their contracts with four of the participating Sacramento GMC health plans – Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net and Molina.

“The reason the doctors came together was they recognized that in Sacramento there were large communities of people who were having difficulty accessing culturally competent care,” Milligan said.

From this stemmed RCMG’s mission, which is “to recognize and meet the needs of our diverse cultural and socio-economic communities while treating our members with compassion and respect. We strive to provide quality health care, using our resources responsibly to benefit our patients,” Gray said.

RCMG stands out as one of the largest Medi-Cal IPAs in Northern California and they work closely with their Sacramento network, including Peachtree, One Community Health, SNAHC, Wellspace, HALO, Sacramento Family Medical Centers, Whole Health Community Clinic, and Elica Health Centers.

“Our Medical Directors and nurses work with Sutter Hospitals, Dignity Health (Mercy), UC Davis, Kaiser Permanente, Adventist, and many of the Bay Area hospitals to coordinate the myriad of healthcare services our patients need,” Gray said. “As an integral part of the Sacramento community, RCMG works collaboratively with many community-based organizations who share our passion to bring healthcare resources to underserved communities.”

This kind of collaboration is what sparked a relationship between River City Medical Group and Joshua’s House.

“RCMG coordinates hospice services for our members experiencing terminal illness and we recognize that Joshua’s House is a much-needed resource in our community. Our doctors see patients who are terminally ill and for those patients who are experiencing homelessness many hospice programs have not been practical. Joshua’s House will fulfill the true definition of hospice for these patients,” Gray said.

“In Sacramento and in every community in California, we have a long way to go when it comes to helping people who are homeless participate in their care by mitigating so many of the social barriers and behavioral health barriers,” Milligan said. “I can’t imagine anything that’s more rewarding than bringing together all of these resources for doctors to help their patients who have a tough time participating in their healthcare.”